Top 5 Reasons to Trade-In or Sell Your Boat in the Fall

You might be thinking to yourself, “Oh, I need to wait until spring to sell my boat or buy a new one.” Well, most often that is the wrong line of thought. New and Used boat dealers are out looking for used boats to stock up on and usually have most of their inventory at discounted prices. Here’s the top 5 reasons to trade-in or sell your boat to Lakeside Marina this fall.

Winterizing/Storage Cost:12743861_948813998530186_8727380586171996182_n

We all know that owning a boat is a lasting expense. One of the larger expenses will always be getting your boat and motor ready for winter by having it winterized at your servicing dealer. That, coupled with the cost of storage leaves a pretty hefty bill for a time when most people won’t even be using the boat.


Take a second and think about what you think your boat is worth right now. Okay, have a number in mind? Now think about what it will be worth next year – rarely is it a higher number. Most of the time your boat will never be worth more than it is right now. This means that if you’re on the fence about whether you’d like to trade-up or get out of the boat all together your best bet is to get a dealer appraisal as soon as possible.

Tip: Make sure that your boat is detailed before you bring it in. Aesthetics and cleanliness of the boat make a difference in the valuation process. We can tell when a boat has been well taken care of.

Late-Season Specials:lake-690070_1280

After the main boating season most of us boat dealers have a few left over new units from that year. We don’t want those sitting around when the next year’s boat models show up. This means we might be able to be more flexible on price and will work even harder to put you in one of our boats.

Tip: Never underestimate the power of just shooting us an offer of what you’d pay for one of our boats – the worst we can say is “No” right?

Boat Show Season Incentives:12794393_1288428621172523_8724429907075309483_n

As fall and winter approach dealers start getting ready for the much anticipated ‘boat show season’. This is usually when boat manufacturers and dealers release their newest incentive programs. These programs offer a huge range of benefits from awesome branded gear for the whole family to fantastic warranties and everything in between. Some of the manufacturer incentives last a little while into the next year but usually boat dealers have a very small window for purchase incentives and special pricing.

First on the Water in Spring:img_7829

Want to be out soaking up the sun on the very first beautiful spring day after a long cold winter? Then buying or trading in your new or used boat in the fall is your best bet. Think of it this way – we sell a boat “A” this fall that we have all winter to get prepped, rigged and ready. Boat “B” is purchased right away in the spring. Guess who’s going to be in the water first… Boat “A” of course!


The bottom line is that everyone gets so excited to buy or sell boats in spring but they’re missing out on so much! Call, email or stop by Lakeside Marina in Oshkosh, Wisconsin for a completely free appraisal of your boat. No pressure, no pushy salespeople – just accurate info.