Should You Really Buy a Boat in the Winter?

Should You Really Buy a Boat in the Winter?

Should you really buy a boat in the winter?

In short – yes! At Lakeside Marina we hear from people all the time about how they want to wait around until spring to buy a boat. We’ve heard all sorts of excuses, whether it’s needing to shop around boat shows for that ‘great deal’, not wanting to see wrapped boats or being wary about not getting to see a boat run right away. The list goes on.

What most people aren’t thinking about are all of the other factors that should come to mind when shopping for a new or used boat in the winter.

Prices, when you’ll get your boat in the water for spring and available inventory to name a few.

First is the myth that boat shows are where you’ll find the very best pricing for the whole year. This just isn’t always true. I can tell you that 9 out of 10 times a boat dealer would probably be happy to give you the same or better deal if they could sell a new unit BEFORE they take it to a show. Or maybe you saw something at a show last year that just wasn’t in your budget. Well, chances are that if the dealer still has it the boat has dropped in price just to get it moved out.

Buying any time in the early to mid winter will ensure that you get the most bang for your buck and usually the dealer will pay for winter storage and winterizing for the rest of the season.

Not only is winter the slowest time of year for the marine industry, it’s when all of the new models come in. After the end of winter, boat shows and beginning of spring all of the most popular boats are usually picked through pretty thoroughly. Now, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still amazing new and used boats to check out or that more won’t come in. It means that you might have to wait a while longer to actually get your boat if we have to order it out for you.

Any marina or boat dealership will tell you that spring is a little crazy. Everyone wants their boats and they want them NOW. Thing is, people that bought their boats earlier are the ones at the front of the delivery line and the rest have to wait their turn. Most of the time an order out boat won’t even get shipped to us before Memorial Day if someone waiting until the end of winter to buy.

Check out what is in stock or on order now and there’s a much higher chance that when spring comes around you’ll be out on the water instead of sitting at the dock waiting.

Brave the chilly wind and get out there in person to see what’s available in your area for new or used boat inventory. But remember, no matter when or where you are looking to buy a boat make sure that you work with a dealership that’s got a great reputation, knowledgable staff, will take you on the water in spring and can make the process fun instead of frustrating.

By Sawyer Erickson – Lakeside Marina