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Why Lakeside:

Selling your boat is anything but pleasant. Like selling anything else on the open market today – it can be extremely frustrating, often expensive (advertising) and very, very time consuming. Then there’s the dreaded storage, cleaning and detailing of the boat to get it ready to sell. And last but certainly not least the actual demonstration (putting the boat in the water).

But the real “deal breaker” and normally what will leave you still having to sell your boat is you, the seller, having to sell the boat “as-is”. Many perspective buyers will not purchase a used boat as-is because of the huge risk of something being wrong with the boat. Often resulting in huge $$$$ repair bills. So selling the boat as-is will usually result in dropping the price drastically in order to just sell it. Often not getting as much money as you had hoped to get.

Why can Lakeside Marina sell your boat when you can’t? Simple.

people-1149873_1920Our huge client base is a big plus. Giving us a huge advantage over a private party trying to sell their boat. Remember, we’ve been in business 40+ years. Chances are we already have clients available to purchase your boat. Thus giving us a huge advantage to sell it fast and for all the money the boat is worth. Not just giving it away…

office-620822_1920Knowledge. We offer all the “tools” and knowledge combined with professionalism to sell your boat fast. We offer consultations, service knowledge and are more qualified to give the potential buyer a more accurate description of your used boat thus making them feel more comfortable and at ease that their not buying a “lemon” or somebody else’s problems.

writing-1149962_1920Most Important – We have the ability to offer the perspective buyer a “warranty”. This in itself just sells boats. Giving the buyer piece of mind that he/she is buying a nice used boat. Without the guess factor.



So, here’s what we do to sell you boat:

 We can give it a complete checkup (seller’s expense)

 We can test it by getting it in the water

 We can show it

We will winterize and store it

 And the all important putting the boat in the water and actually test driving it


Here the perspective buyer can actually see what he/she is buying. And, of course, we have the option to offer a warranty on your boat (depending on year and actual condition).

All-in-all, if you want to sell your boat and sell it fast leave it up to the professionals at Lakeside Marina. “We can and will get the job done.”

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