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Let the Team at Lakeside Sell Your Boat!

For every boat, youll have three basic choices: sell it yourself, trade it in, or sell it through a yacht broker.

Selling it yourself requires a lot of time, effort and work.? Classified ads cost money and you have to be around to show the boat to perspective buyers.

Trade ins are welcome on new and used boats at Lakeside and will help your bottom line since you wont be paying sales tax on the full price but only on the amount less your traded value.

Working with a broker is similar to working with a real estate agent. Like a real estate agent, a broker advertises and shows your boat to potential clients, offers certified inspections, handles the legal paperwork, and takes a percentage of the selling price as a commission, which can range from 5 to the more typical 10 percent. This is typically the easiest and fastest way to sell a boat.

At Lakeside we can be the broker for your boat, take your boat in on trade or buy it for cash.? Please contact one of our team members to set up an appointment? bring your boat in during normal business hours to be evaluated or fill in the information below and one of our team members will contact you.

Sell Your Boat

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