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Centurion Boats has been a pioneer and leader in wakesports since 1972.  The technology in every Centurion Boat makes them the most advanced wakesport boat on the water.

The Centurion RAMFILL ballast technology is the most revolution ballast system ever. The hull is flooded instantly with an underwater scoop that is controlled by the Centurion Touch Vision System. The ballast system will vent out the side of the RAMFILL vents and it empties from the transom RAMFILL drains. The system will fill an Enzo in under 30 seconds. It is the most ballast available of any boat and it is achieved without pumps, sacs or delay.

The Centurion Articulating Tracking System has been re-released for 2014 as the most advanced wake shaping technology for wakeboarding and wake surfing. The CATS system allows for deflection of the bow to refine the shape of the wave from skim or surf styles. For wake boarding, wake shaping is done instantly regardless of how the boat is weighted or where people are sitting.

Centurion’s WING PLATE technologies are more than just trim tabs with a new shape. The WINGs, in Standard Dual Wing Plate and Asymmetrical WING match up with the exact degree of Deep V of each of the Enzo hull, SS, SV and FX. These WINGS allow for precise attitude adjustments to maximize your boating and boarding experience and shape the wakes and wave to exactly your preference.

The industry standard is set here. There are no compromises if you choose a Centurion boat with Deep-V hull technology. The unparalleled wake generation of the Deep-V hull requires less ballast weight to provide the ultimate waves for wake boarding and wake surfing. The design also features the best ride in the watersport market.

Centurion’s unique Reverse Shoebox design fits the boat deck edge inside an upturned flange at the hull edge. This design eliminates the possibility of water intrusion unlike the “shoebox” method used by other manufacturers, whose deck overlaps the hull leaving room for leakage. Bonded together as an integral part of ICS the Reverse Shoebox helps make Centurion boats the strongest, most leak resistant boats in the world. The Plexus bond is literally stronger than the laminate.

The Ventilated Tracking Fin was developed by Centurion engineers in 2005 to reduce noise and vibrations caused by fin harmonic. The ventilation holes cut into the fins alleviate pressure, providing a smoother ride and reduced noise while maintaining laser straight tracking.

Before the Centurion CATS system was made available in 2014 the Centurion research and development team went to the drawing board on this technology it was for a very specific purpose. If you ride “goofy-footed” and are serious about wake surfing, you need the Right Surf wake system. By reversing the rotation of the prop, the wake curls in an opposite direction providing equal performance for the “goofy-foot” rider. RightSurf is no longer available on any Centurion Models.